Smookey contains the lighter and at the same time, turns off and hermetically holds the cigarette butts *Original BIC (mini J25) already included !

On-Off Cigarette Srlwas born in 2012 from an idea of its founder , Pierpaolo Cortesi, based on some International Patents conceived since the year 2007.
Smookey is in the end result of several years of research and development of its creator and founding member Pierpaolo Cortesi , idea today strengthened and developed with new partners which sponsored the project.
With its new structure, On-Off Cigarette is today pleased to introduce its products to the mass market showing many exclusive graphic lines , which fully meet real needs of smokers. Furthermore, its products are strongly requested by local institutions at international level .
For some time now, both domestic and International laws, require to smoke only outdoors , which happens very often in the lack of ashtrays or special containers for disposal. This situation increased the so called “ littering “ or indiscriminate abandonment of cigarette butts still lit , causing two major problems

It is proved ( official ENEA data ) that cigarette butt is toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive waste and it requires separate disposal . In Italy ( official ISTAT data ) more than 13 million smokers with a daily average of 15 cigarettes each, release every day into the environment more than 200 million cigarette butts ! Cigarette butt is “ universally “ considered the main urban waste.

Every year in Europe ( official European Commission data ) cigarette butts cause more than 30,000 fires. The huge costs in terms of human lives and environment destruction are paid by all of us.
One simple, fast and safe solution is now available. One product always at your disposal ( in the park, car, boat , etc ...) without any risk of unpleasant fines and already mandatory in many states and cities around the world, is now on the market :

SMOOKEY ... try it !

On-Off Cigarette Srl
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