Smookey contains the lighter and at the same time, turns off and hermetically holds the cigarette butts *Original BIC (mini J25) already included !

1 ) SMOOKEY what it is for :
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It immediately turns off and holds cigarette butts and ashes, Anytime always available, it helps to avoid dropping cigarette butts to the ground or in the environment. Filters of cigarettes are highly polluting, carcinogenic, toxic and even radioactive ( official ENEA research ) and should always be disposed separately.

2 ) Which kind of lighters can hold ?
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At the moment, the most worldwide distributed lighter, the disposable MINI BIC ( J25 ) which obviously once exhausted, can be replaced easily .
* SMOOKEY can be used with any kind of small commercial lighters of any brand ( available soon ) .

3) How can we use it ?
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Enter the Mini Bic lighter ( J25 ) into the slot, then you can normally light cigarettes. On the opposite side, opening the lid you can enter ashes and cigarette butts inside one of the 2 rooms. Closing the tightly sealed lid, in 5 " only, your cigarette butts will be totally extinguished and ready to be disposed in any container. Everything done in total safety and hygiene.

4) Is it safe and sure in absence of residual smells ?
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Absolutely yes, due to the lack of oxygen the cigarette butt is immediately extinguished ( in 5 seconds ). Moreover, due to its sealed lid, it ensures the total absence of smoke or unpleasant smells, allowing to keep SMOOKEY inside jackets, pockets, women bags, etc..

5 ) How many cigarette butts it can hold ?
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SMOOKEY can hold at maximun 4 cigarette butts and their ashes. It allows a sufficient autonomy of time ( even for heavy smokers ) before disposal, in the lack of ashtrays or containers. Everything done with a single small object , easy to use, pocket-sized and always immediately available .

6) Of which material is it made ?
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SMOOKEY is made of Polyethylene (PE), a plastic material classification V2, high temperature resistance .

7) Is it possible that lid can involuntarily get open inside pockets, bags, etc..causing exit of cigarette butts, ashes and smells ?
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That is not possible, To open the sealed lid, a specific manual pressure is needed so to prevent accidental opening.

8) About disposal of cigarette butts, is it easy and safe?
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Yes, it is very simple. Just open the lid, turn your SMOOKEY and then drop by gravity cigarette butts and ashes. Everything done in a clean way, without any contact between your hands and the content of rooms. An elegant gesture in total safety and hygiene.

9) Which immediate advantages ?
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No cigarette butts left on the ground, lawns, sea, mountains, etc ...thus avoiding possibility of environmental pollution and fires.
Cigarette butts are universally considered " the 1st municipal waste " !

10 ) When is it recommended using SMOOKEY ?
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In the city center, in the mountains, in the countryside, by the sea, on the beach, etc .. In addition next to bus stops, trains, at the stadium,at the airport, outside shops, offices , hospitals, on the boats, on golf courses, after skiing or during any outdoor activity !

11) Can be ordered in other colors or customized for advertisement , company gifts, events, etc ... ?
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Of course yes, please send a specific request to our email contacts >>> click here <<<

12) What is the price ? Can be purchased online from private people ?
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It can only be purchased by retailers, authorized distributors or trading companies .If interested please go to the " E – commerce section " for more information concerning prices and conditions of sale !

13) What happens if local distributors do not have the product on stock ?
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Send us an email and we will get in touch with your closest retailer keeping stock.

14 ) I have a company and I am interested in distribution. What should I do ?
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Access to the special section for retailers, wholesalers and distributors where you can find all required information to place an order >>> click here <<<

15 ) We are a company interested in customizing the product. How can we get an offer ?
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Send us an email with all details, indications of quantities, etc.. and we will send you an offer as soon as possible >>> click here <<<

* For any further information do not hesitate to contact us by email

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