Smookey contains the lighter and at the same time, turns off and hermetically holds the cigarette butts *Original BIC (mini J25) already included !

1) Why a Retailer / Wholesaler should be interested in SMOOKEY ?
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- Because it guarantees excellent profits .
- Because a dealer / wholesaler stands out with a really exclusive new product .
- Because it is internationally patented, and thus with no direct competitors.
- Because it is accessible to everybody at a very reasonable price.
- Because market of potential users ( in the whole world there are 1.5 billion smokers ) is really huge, with endless commercial potential .
- Because it has an excellent balance between quality, price and exclusivity of the product

2) Why SMOOKEY is unique?
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Because it is the only accessory for smokers "all in one " (it allow you to light the cigarette, extinguishing and contain your cigarette butts ) , pocket size, safe, always available and reusable forever . It ' also clean, hygienic and with an elegant gestures .

3) Why the "timing is right" for the launch of the product in EU and at international level ?
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Because virtually every nation has more and more :
- Penalties against those who leave cigarette butts in the environment,
- Laws and regulations for separate disposal of cigarette butts,
- Increased awareness of many smokers to look for new solutions to the problem.
- Awareness of Media against environmental pollution and fire hazard .

4 ) What is the purchase price for Wholesalers / Distributors and the retail price ?
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Contact us for an offer, personally issued on kind of business activity and requested amount. >>> click here <<<

5) How many pieces contains a counter display ? Sizes and weight ?
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One display contains 20 pcs. assorted in different colors with exclusive graphics. Sizes in 49⁄16in (width ) x 7 51⁄64 in (depth ) x h. 3 5⁄8 in * (once open h. 9 27⁄32 in). Total weight of one display is 0,81 oz.

6 ) What is the minimum order as a Retailer / Wholesaler / Distributor ?
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The minimum order is a master carton containing 24 displays (Total 480 pcs.) Overall sizes 4 9⁄16 in (width ) x 7 51⁄64 in (depth ) x h. 3 47⁄64 in * Total weight 17,63 oz.

7) Are there any discounts for quantity for Wholesalers / Distributors ?
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Yes, for orders multiples of 480 pcs. For example, 8,640 pcs. ( packed on standard pallet 4 71⁄4 in x 3 11⁄2 in x h. 43 45⁄64 in - weight 476 lb), corresponding to 18 cartons of 480pcs. each. Please send us your request for a special offer >>> click here <<<

8) How and where to order?
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From the specific area " E-commerce" reserved for retailers / wholesalers / distributors >>>click here<<<

9) Which are the possible ways of payment ?
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Accepted payments are advanced bank transfer or by credit card, as showed in E-Commerce section.

10) SMOOKEYS ' in standard quantity and packaging " are already on stock?
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Yes, we have goods on stock

11 ) Which are delivery terms ?
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For standard orders, within 10 - 15 working days after payment. Terms of delivery: Ex-Works. Forwarder to be agreed before delivery

12) Is it possible to ship SMOOKEY by air or it requires specific safety precautions ?
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There is no restriction for shipments , as SMOOKEY is made of plastic, and it is not dangerous.

13) Is it possible to get samples for market research ?
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Yes, with minimum order

14) Can SMOOKEY be also used as a tool for promotional and advertising ?
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Yes, absolutely. With its sizes, meterial and characteristics, Smookey perfectly matches to any type of graphic design and customization. Contact us to receive an offer >>>click here<<<

* For any further information do not hesitate to contact us by email

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